POET-DSM is making the technology of the future available to everyone.

A Business Opportunity

Cellulosic ethanol offers an enormous business opportunity for any grain-ethanol producer today.

  • Renewable Fuel Standard calls for up to 21 billion gallons of cellulosic ethanol by 2022.
  • Cellulosic ethanol RINs take priority over grain-based ethanol RINs.
  • Cellulosic ethanol qualifies for a $1.01 Volumetric Ethanol Excise Tax Credit.
  • The long-term future is bright: Future high-efficiency engines need octane, and EPA today is considering an E30 cert fuel with support from automakers, engine designers.


  • Pilot-scale process operation since 2008
  • 6+ years establishing biomass feedstock logistics
  • 25 years of ethanol production, construction, operations and regulatory experience from POET
  • Decades of work in yeast and enzymes, global expertise from DSM

One-Stop Shop

Any ethanol producer can add commercial cellulosic ethanol production to their operation. POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels offers a fully integrated technology package including:

  • Site selection and regulatory assistance
  • Biomass collection and supply chain development
  • Process design as well as engineering, procurement and construction
  • Enzymes
  • Yeast
  • Plant operation and service/support
  • Ethanol marketing
  • Support in financial funding