Biomass Resources

Biomass acquisition will play an important role in the success of Project LIBERTY. POET-DSM has studied biomass collection, storage, and transportation since 2006, partnering with universities and government programs (ISU, USDA, REAP) to better understand the relationship between biomass removal and soil health. POET-DSM has also worked extensively with biomass producers themselves to develop a number of "best practice" guidelines for sustainable biomass collection.

Biomass Program Overview

"Why should I collect biomass?"

  • Additional Revenue
  • Residue Management
  • Decreased Tillage
  • Rural Development and Job Creation
  • Yield Increases
  • What else can you do today that will add $40-50/acre of additional profit?

Feedstock Pricing

Click here and look for the link to "Project LIBERTY 2014 Pricing".

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POET-DSM is already signing contracts for biomass collection/sale in Emmetsburg, Iowa and surrounding counties. Do you know a farmer or landowner who might be interested in learning more? Give us a way to contact them and we'll do the rest.